Ditmas Park Brooklyn's Hurricane Sandy Relief Home

Helping Local Communities Recover

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Info for people in Long Beach/Oceanside/Island Park!

Important - Please spread to people in Long Beach: Two large school buses with $20K worth of provisions from Costco left the city 40 minutes ago and will be dropped off at Park & Pennsylvania in Long Beach and Park & Ohio in Long Beach. Make sure people who need it get the supplies. Secondly, does anyone in Long Beach/Oceanside/Island Park have any immediate transport needs so we can use these buses to bring people to warm shelters etc. before it drops to 20-something degrees tonight?

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Keep the donations coming!!!!

We are still collecting food, water, batteries, flashlights, blankets (no clothes), medical supplies, soap, bleach, tools, flashlights, candles and all sizes of batteries. There is a storm coming, we have access to as many buses as needed and will continue to ship donations out to Far Rockaway as long as necessary. We just sent out our 15th bus load and every donation that we have collected thus far has been utilized. Please drop off any donation to 368 Stratford Road. Thank You. And re-post this message.